Surabaya City Government Open Corona Virus Distribution Map


Surabaya, Indonesia – The Surabaya City Government finally opened a map of the spread of corona virus cases (Covid-19) in the City of Heroes. The map can be accessed freely by the public through the Surabaya site.

Head of the Communication and Information Office of Surabaya, M Fikser said that the public could find out the distribution of corona-positive patients, People in Monitoring (ODP), Patients Under Supervision (PDP) to the infected village level through the site.

“Today we put it on the Opposite Covid-19 website, we will input it to the village data. So we will enter positive people, ODP, and PDP,” said Fikser, Monday (3/23).

Fikser said that he deliberately opened information on the existence of patients up to the village level. This was done to increase supervision to the lower levels

“We ask the public to understand that this is not something to be underestimated, it is something very serious,” he said.

Even so, Fikser explained the map distribution of the corona virus case was not to create panic, but to increase public awareness of the virus.

“We will always upload at 18:00 the latest progress in the condition of Co-19 in Surabaya, after the central government, and the provincial government issued [announced],” he said.

In addition, said Fikser, the opponent website Covid-19 could be used by residents to conduct early detection related to the corona virus. Residents who open the site will be asked to answer a number of questions as to what actions need to be taken.

“What Surabaya citizens must do, can do early detection, with the questions we have prepared, then what actions the government will take,” he said.

When accessed the site at 10:15 WIB, Tuesday (3/24), in Surabaya cumulatively recorded 23 positive people of the corona virus. While as many as 134 people with ODP status and 7 people with PDP status.

Surabaya and Malang are established by the Governor of East Java Khofifah Indar Parawansa as the red zone of the spread of the corona virus. Khofifah has also established a state of emergency in the disasters in East Java, after a number of its citizens tested positive for corona virus.


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